UIC Barcelona welcomes over a thousand students to the new academic year in its welcome sessions

Students have been able to learn a little more about the University and some of the extensive extracurricular activities offered

First-year students of UIC Barcelona arriving at the University’s Aula Magna were enthusiastic, nervous and eager, ready to enjoy the welcoming sessions organised once again by Student Services. On 2 and 5 September, students attended the welcome sessions and were able to begin learning their way around the campus facilities and above all learn a little more about academic life.

This year's welcoming sessions were attended again by the rector of UIC Barcelona, Alfonso Méndiz, who wanted to accompany the students on their first day and share with them words of encouragement and achievement: “You are starting university life, an extraordinary stage that will change your lives. When you leave these classrooms, you will be more competent, more inquisitive and more committed to the planet and to making this world a more liveable place,” Méndiz said. The rector also wanted to remind all the young people present that, although “this path you are beginning is not always easy, because the path of knowledge is a path of effort and advancement,” the entire University team will be here to accompany you and to make “these years memorable.”

The vice-rector of the University Community, Esther Jiménez, also wanted to welcome all students and encouraged them to give their all, in class and by participating in university life and extracurricular activities. “Be your best you, going beyond the established curriculum, as it will set you apart from the rest; seeking social commitment, which means doing more and be concerned about others, like every good leader; seeking the truth and fostering critical thinking; and above all excellence, at a personal and professional level,” the vice-rector explained from the podium of the Aula Magna to a full auditorium.

Sessions de benvinguda

Under the banner “Step forward. Be a better you,” the Student Service, which has organised these three events, informed students about UIC Barcelona's offer of extra-academic activities, based on culture, sports and solidarity themes. “With these activities, you have a great opportunity to develop different soft skills, highly demanded in the professional world, as you will have teachers, real professionals, who will help you to train in competences such as creativity, teamwork, initiative and autonomy, critical and analytical thinking, among others,” said Marta Turu, member of Student Services for new students this academic year.

The Chaplaincy Service also participated in the welcome sessions, with Father Albert Ribot and Father Pere Domingo, who explained that the Chaplaincy is available to the entire university community to help give answers to the most transcendental concerns and to accompany any students who need it. Additionally, the three sessions were led by Gloria Galicia, of Student Services, and Pablo Pérdigo, Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations alumni of the 2017-2021 graduating class, and also taking part were Micaela Infiesta and Ernest Martinez, responsible for the Solidarity and Sports areas respectively.