The Research Institute for Evaluation and Public Policies (IRAPP) aims to promote research into informed decision-making, in the areas of health and education, two basic cornerstones of our welfare state.

Our main objective is to improve individual and social decisions in the areas of health and education by undertaking multidisciplinary research. We provide an intellectual multidisciplinary goal to bring together economists, healthcare professionals, mathematics, statisticians, researchers, etc. and promote the different points of view. Cooperation grows from here, leading to new ideas to achieve a more efficient and equal world. We think that the economy is a powerful tool to understand the world and we aim to be innovative academics who apply economic theory to social and political challenges in our society.

What we do

  • Achieve progress in economic research through conferences, workshops, training courses, flexible initiatives that promote and increase the knowledge.
  • Cultivate cooperation on research projects, both at a national and an international level, and other activities that bring together fields and disciplines to share new perspectives.
  • Prepare the innovative economists of the future, so they can achieve great academic success.
  • Make use of the knowledge of analytical techniques to promote and help the informed health decision making and thus improve the society’s health.