Coordinator: Dr. Toni Mora

Another strategic focus of the IRAPP is to create a forum of debate in all areas of economics and educational management. Special emphasis is placed on the “quantitative” aspects of educational management that involve disciplines such as economics. The aim is to generate information to make more informed public education policy decisions. This strategic line of research brings together various professional profiles from the fields of education, economics and management, civil servants and local government representatives who are responsible for education and human resource planning, as well as academic administrators at an individual school level.

Economic of the Education Projects


Training needs of the Catalonia of the future (2030) and necessary changes to the regulated professional training system to cover these

The general objective of the project is to analyse the vocational training (FP) needs that need to be covered in the Catalonia of the future, to evaluate the education that is necessary to cover them and identify the most suitable training model.  


From the results of the eduCat program, a book “Impacte del programa eduCat en l’adquisició de competències de l’alumnat de secundària de Catalunya” was published. Recently, this September of 2018 an article has been accepted in the International Journal of Education Research.

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