Innovation Programme in Health Policy

Oriented in particular towards the detection of innovation in the areas of healthcare service management and health policies, “The Crimson Report” and the study of patient participation in the decision-making process.

Aula Janssen UIC


Janssen and UIC Promote Innovation Programme in Health Policy

The Programme, organized by the UIC's University Institute for Patient Care, will promote innovation study in the area of health policy, particularly in new forms of management and management training of professionals.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals signed a collaboration agreement with the UIC establishing an Innovation Programme in Health Policy to promote teaching, research and dissemination of innovations being created in management and direction of health policy and health institutions. The Programme is organized by the UIC's University Institute for Patient Care and is directed by Dr. Albert Jovell, the Head of the institute.

As a result of this agreement, signed by UIC Rector Dr. Pere Alavedra and Dr. Martín Sellés, the President and Managing Director of Janssen, the UIC and the pharmaceutical company will work together on the study of innovations in the area of health policy. The primary focus will be on policies regarding the management of health organizations, policies regarding participation and management training of professionals, and the adoption of innovations in the areas of health policy and management.

In this regard, the programme will organize courses, seminars, conferences and roundtable discussions on current issues related to health policy innovation. It will also work to disseminate the results it obtains to health professionals in management positions as well as interested patient groups. As part of the programme, “The Crimson Report: Ten Innovations in the Field of Health Management and Policy” and “Patient Participation in Pharmacotherapy Decisions” will be published in 2013.