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The Ottawa Charter, drawn up by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1986, established the creation of environments that support good health as a priority area for action.

In line with this aim, the University is an environment with a number of different features aimed at promoting health. On one hand, we are a centre for work and education; and on the other, an important institution for the advancement of society through training and research.

What is the Spanish Network of Sustainable Universities (REUS)?

UIC Barcelona has been part of this network since 2013. It is a group of institutions committed to promoting health in the university environment. It was founded in 2008 to strengthen universities' role in promoting health and well-being among students, staff and society as a whole.

Universities all over Spain are now involved, as well as the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities, the Ministry of Health, Social and Equal Opportunities Services, the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture, and some independent Public Health bodies.

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UIC Barcelona + Healthy

We are part of the REUS network and promote health in the University culture, in its institutional policies, structures, processes and study plans.

Head of UIC Barcelona + Healthy

Responsible: Pere Castellví

Unit of Prevention of Occupational Risks: Carme Rodríguez Martínez

If you would like to take part in UIC Barcelona + Healthy work groups, please write to: saludable@uic.es


Health Week

Smoke free area