Grants and funding programme

Introduction to the campaign

#NoTalentWithoutFuture is the UIC Barcelona annual campaign designed to support the University's Scholarship Program. The campaign was first launched three years ago during the pandemic.

To date, the Scholarship Program benefits more than 3,300 students, which is about 30% of our students. UIC Barcelona, as a non-profit organisation, allocates more than €6.3 M of its budget to develop this programme, but we need to go beyond that, so no student with talent is left behind.

We rely on the collaboration and support from the UIC Barcelona community itself, as well as from other people, companies and foundations to reinforce our Scholarship Program and be able to make a real and positive impact on society through the best talent.

Donations collected through the annual #NoTalentWithoutFuture campaign goes directly to financing studies of UIC Barcelona students. All undergraduate students who are unable to assume part or all of the tuition due to financial hardships can benefit from the programme.

We invite you to participate in the #NoTalentWithoutFuture campaign by sharing it on social media or by donating.