Grants and funding programme

Introduction to the campaign

The #NoTalentWithoutAFuture initiative is an annual campaign that was set up with the main aim of extending the UIC Barcelona grant and financial aid programme. The project was set up with the aim of responding to the financial needs of talented students, so they do not fall behind in their studies.

At present, the University allocates a total of EUR 5.7 million in grants and financial aid to students, but we want to go further: we trust in cooperation with companies, individuals, students, graduates, lecturers and staff from the institution to strengthen the University's grants and financial aid programme and thus make an impact on society. Will you join us? If we all work together we can make it possible.

When did the #NoTalentWithoutAFuture initiative begin?

The #NoTalentWithoutAFuture project was an extraordinary crowdfunding solidarity campaign set up in 2020 to help students and families of students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative, which was live until the end of December 2020, succeeded in raising more than €35,000 given by companies, individuals and members of the university community. These funds allowed us to help 42 students with 8 different nationalities taking bachelor’s and postgraduate degrees in various disciplines, who were facing difficulties in terms of being able to continue their studies.

Who can take part and to whom are the funds awarded?

At UIC Barcelona, we believe that the will to overcome, talent and hard work of students must be recognised and, at the same time, promoted and empowered by the institution. Therefore, no student with financial difficulties should be left without an academic future.

#NoTalentWithoutAFuture is a new way in which the following social agents can participate by making a donation:

  • companies
  • individuals
  • students
  • UIC Barcelona lecturers and professors
  • UIC Barcelona staff
  • UIC Barcelona graduates

The donations raised through this crowdfunding project will be used to fund UIC Barcelona students' studies. Students from the institution enrolled on degree programmes who are facing financial difficulties may benefit from this funding in order to cover the total or partial cost of their tuition fees.

Take part in the #NoTalentWithoutAFuture campaign, because between all of us we will make sure that no talented students are left without an academic future.

Join us!