The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona) has a commitment to its students:

To ensure that no-one with a flair for studying will be unable to take a programme for financial reasons.

Alumni-Banco Santander Grant

The UIC Barcelona Alumni Association, together with Santander Bank, has created a fellowship fund for the University’s students.

The Alumni-Banco Santander fellowship will be joining two already existing fellowships: that provided by the Ministry of Science and Education (MEC), and that offered directly by the University.

This fellowship is compatible with other sources of financial assistance.

To apply for the grant, candidates must be:

  1. Enrolled in any programme offered by the University.
  2. A member of the Alumni Association.
  3. Interested parties should complete the Beca Alumni-Banco Santander and Alumni Association registration form, and hand in both documents at the Alumni Association office.

Further information

Oficina Alumni, Campus Barcelona

Tel.: 93 254 18 00