Training Course for Clinical Tutors for Practicums

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The aim of the course is to provide attendees with a broad range of knowledge and skills which will allow them to correctly undertake a relationship with the students they tutor within the framework of learning based on dialogue and two-way communication.

It is aimed at nursing professionals who undertake their activities along with students, in tutorials for professional work placements.


  1. To analyse the perception of the teaching role of nurses
  2. To acquire the ability to use teaching methodologies that are suitable for the planned tutoring tasks
  3. To know how to use assessment tools that are appropriate for the tutorial
  4. To develop communication and interpersonal relationship skills with tutored students
  5. To develop assertiveness techniques to tutor students


  1. To establish a positive and productive relationship with the tutored students
  2. To efficiently and effectively guide the tutorial process
  3. To correctly evaluate the tutored students learning
  4. To know the basis of the Curricular Practicum Plan for the Bachelor's degree in Nursing

Academic accreditation

Once the course is over a course attendance diploma will be provided as accreditation.


María Vera