Beyond degree, master’s degree and postgraduate degrees, the Faculty’s mission is to promote the cross-disciplinary nature of humanities studies by offering a series of subjects as part of the various degree programmes which complement students’ humanistic education.

This highly distinctive feature of UIC Barcelona helps to provide students and future professionals with basic knowledge that allows them to delve more deeply into ethical and anthropological issues. These issues are especially significant in terms of personal and human education and are designed to be implemented as part of each degree programme offered by the university.

The Faculty of Humanities can therefore contribute to the promotion, culture and development of a reflective and critical spirit which allows our students to better understand the processes involved in our contemporary world and provide a creative response to the deficiencies and challenges of a globalised and highly technological society. 

The Faculty of Humanities also organises conferences and seminars which aim to promote dialogue and a general debate among the staff members who teach these subjects, thus encouraging research and interdisciplinary knowledge in various fields of study.