The main objective of SARX (Research Group in the Anthropology of Corporality) is to tackle the multiple dimensions of human corporality from a perspective that includes human, scientific and artistic wisdom, in order to create a new paradigm for the comprehension of the human body. This paradigm moves beyond the mutually exclusive discourses of natural sciences and human sciences and provide understanding from an overall and cross-disciplinary point of view.

This interdisciplinary team has three main cornerstones, based on philosophical anthropology and a phenomenological methodology:

  1. An anatomical description of the physical body, which is revealing in terms of its basic functions and structures.
  2. The experience or sense of corporality, especially through a phenomenology of health and illness.
  3. The body as being both expressive and symbolic, explored through the theory and practice of movement-based arts, as a personal and cultural dynamic of interaction and meaning. 

Xavier Escribano López

GRE - Research group in Anthropology of Corporality