Two master's degrees from the Faculty of Dentistry have once again been ranked among the top five in the Master's Degree Ranking published by the newspaper El Mundo

The Master's Degree in Periodontics has been bumped up to second place and the International Master's Degree in Oral Surgery holds its position in fourth place

The Faculty of Dentistry has featured once again in the Ranking of the Best University Master’s Degrees in Spain, compiled each year by the daily newspaper El Mundo. In this edition, two of the Faculty’s master’s degrees have featured among the top five in the dentistry category. 

Specifically, the Master's Degree in Periodontics, directed by Dr José Nart and Dr Andrés Pascual, and the International Master's Degree in Oral Surgery, directed by Dr Jordi Gallardo and Dr Samir Aboul Hosnque. These master’s degree programmes have been ranked second and fourth respectively, standing only behind the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Granada. 

El Mundo highlights the innovative technologies of the Faculty located on the Sant Cugat Campus and its agreements with numerous hospitals, healthcare centres, clinics and institutions, as well as the quality of the teaching staff and the recognition it has received from the European Federation of Periodontology. 

In order to carry out this report, the newspaper compiled fifty specialist fields and highlighted the five best, based on an analysis that took into account 25 criteria and the opinions of 800 lecturers and professors, experts, former students and collaborating companies. 

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