UIC Barcelona participates in the 1st International Congress on Sustainable Curriculum and SDGs in university education
On 6 and 7 October, UIC Barcelona lecturers Silvia Albareda from the Faculty of Education Sciences and Elisa Rechadera from the Faculty of Communication Sciences and medical students participated in the “1st International Conference on Sustainable Curriculum and ODS in University Education,” organised by the Universitat de València.
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500 runners and 150 volunteers fill the trails of Collserola in the Antena Solidària Race
The 6th edition of the Antena Solidària Trail Pedralbes solidarity race took place on Sunday morning, 13 November, starting from the Pedralbes Monastery Square, and going through the trails of Collserola. More than 500 athletes and 150 volunteers ran and worked to make a direct impact on the education of children in Ghana and Barcelona.
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Over two thousand people celebrate the opening of UIC Barcelona’s 25th anniversary year with a mass at the Sagrada Família
The mass was celebrated by Ignasi Font, regional vicar of Opus Dei in Catalonia and Andorra, who was accompanied by twenty clergy members. The ceremony inaugurated the “silver anniversary” celebrations of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. It was on the 2 October 1997 when the Official Journal of the Generalitat de Catalunya published the approval of the university
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Enric Vidal, new Dean of the Faculty of Education Sciences at UIC Barcelona
Vidal succeeds Esther Jiménez, current Vice Rector of the University Community
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A new Board of Directors for the Interdisciplinary Centre for Thought
The Interdisciplinary Centre for Thought’s new Board of Directors, which has presided since the start of the current academic year, was presented during the general assembly last July. Andrea Rodríguez Prat, until recently the Deputy Director, has replaced Josep Corcó as the new Director, with Miquel Bastons as Assistant Director.
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UIC Barcelona welcomes over a thousand students to the new academic year in its welcome sessions
Students have been able to learn a little more about the University and some of the extensive extracurricular activities offered
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Dr Meritxell Bacells, teaching director at Colegio SIL, is patron for the Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education and the Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education
The teacher and pedagogue shared her vision of the profession with the students and reminded them of the great opportunity they have to make an impact on their future students and contribute to society
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UIC Barcelona is ranked in the 2022 “Top 25 Spanish Universities” according to Forbes
For the first time ever, the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya has been listed in the top 25 Spanish universities, in 14th place according to the Spanish edition of Forbes magazine.
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UIC Barcelona, among the 15 top Spanish universities and fifth in the field of Architecture
According to the CYD 2022 ranking published on Wednesday, the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya is among the 15 best Spanish universities, due to its high number of good performance metrics. UIC Barcelona occupies the tenth position of 79 universities and once again draws attention to the contribution to regional development that the university provides, alongside the universities of Malaga, La Laguna, Autònoma de Barcelona, University of Barcelona, Catholic University of Valencia San Vicente Martir and Mondragon Unibersitatea
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UIC Barcelona wins four medals in the Spanish University Championships
A total of 16 students represented the University in the National Championships, where Marina García excelled in swimming and Ewen Toulgoat in athletics
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