Forty-three new doctors dressed with the traditional hat on the occasion of the feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas
Scholars, family and friends accompanied the 43 doctors in a ceremony that represents the icing on the cake of a long career to obtain a doctoral degree. Seizing the opportunity of the feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas, patron saint of universities, the investiture ceremony took place on 27 January in the Aula Magna at UIC Barcelona. Five extraordinary doctoral awards were also granted for 2022
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Carlos Cosials, new president of Aseitec
This month, the director of the Executive Master’s Degree in Advanced Analytics and Data Science at UIC Barcelona has assumed the presidency of the Association of Computer and Communication Technologies Companies of Catalonia
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Mariano Fazio: “The university’s task is be open to the great truth and to constantly rediscover it”
The axillary vicar of Opus Dei, Mariano Fazio, visited the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, where he gave a speech titled: “Freedom, Truth and University.” Priest, historian, philosopher, and university professor, he spoke to more than four hundred people in the University’s Aula Magna. Fazio also had the opportunity to visit the two UIC Barcelona campuses
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Doctoral student Ton Guardiet creates the Acceleralia startup after successfully completing his Industrial Doctorate at UIC Barcelona
The entrepreneur recently defended his thesis focused on identifying the factors and strategies that most affect the success of acceleration and entrepreneurship programmes in companies
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Manuel Flores participates in an OECD publication
The lecturer for Economics and Business Organisation at UIC Barcelona has cooperated in this statement from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development titled “The economic costs of childhood socio-economic disadvantage in European OECD countries”
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UIC Barcelona’s Sportcademic project, selected in the call made by a blockchain platform from among more than 150 proposals from around the world
The initiative, led by Pablo Agnese, lecturer for the UIC Barcelona Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, is the only proposal from an academic institution and aims to continue bringing this technology closer to the university
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UIC Barcelona’s B-Excellent programme proposes a solution for seasonal sale of PepsiCo’s Alvalle gazpacho
Students from the UIC Barcelona Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences have worked on the project with the multinational food and beverage company
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The Emprèn Entrepreneur series closes with a practical master lesson on entrepreneurship
Led by Sergei Bastardas, co-founder and co-CEO of Colvin, this 5th session closed the 2nd Emprèn Entrepreneur Series, organised by the Department of Alumni & Careers and the Vice-rectorate for Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer. Bastardas explained his experience of success in an interview with lecturer of the Faculty of Communication Sciences and journalist Francesc Cano, head of research of the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation (La Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals), CCMA.
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The 14th edition of the Cross-Disciplinary Workshop on Sustainability analyses direct actions regarding climate action
The new edition of the Cross-Disciplinary Workshop on Sustainability, organised by the Office for Cooperation and Sustainable Development, took place on 25 November. “Climate action, health and social commitment” was the theme and nearly 200 students, divided into 46 groups, presented their research projects containing different proposals to improve the care of our planet.
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The University participated in the 5th edition of the Alta Mar Business and Entrepreneurship Conference “Evolution” in Calonge and Sant Antoni
Based on the theme “Evolution” the conference took place on 23 and 24 November in the Palau Firal in Calonge and Sant Antoni, Girona. This year the spotlight was on the experience of model startup companies and how evolution is key to their growth and development.
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