Sport talent: high-level/performance athletes program

If you are a high-level or high-performing athlete, you can combine professional sport with your university degree throughout your programme at UIC Barcelona. We are a university that offers a tailored education and friendly treatment to our students, you will also have access to a careers advisor to help you with your career choices. There is also the opportunity to represent the University in inter-university competitions at regional, national and international levels. Our goal is for you to enjoy yourself and make the most of your university degree without leaving behind what you most enjoy, ensuring your sporting calendar is respected. 

The Sport Talent programme is part of, a joint programme of Catalan universities, to unify and approve support programmes for high-level sports students as established in the Strategic Plan for University Sports of Catalonia (2020-2023) promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Requirements to be met:

You may be eligible to be considered a “Sporting talent” if you are a graduate or master’s degree student and meet any of the following requirements, during the academic year in which you apply or during the academic year immediately prior to your application. The regular deadline for applying for this status shall be from 1-30 September. You can submit the documentation in person at the Sports Service or via e-mail to this address In the event of an out-of-time request, you must submit an official request for reappraisal to the Sports Service along with all the required documentation. 

  1. To currently be, or to have been in the previous year, a high level athlete, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 971/2007, of 13 July. The list of high-level athletes is published quarterly in the BOE.
  2. Athletes who can certify through the various sports federations that they have been summoned to any national selection in the current year or the previous year. It is necessary to provide a supporting certificate issued by the respective federation.
  3. Athletes belonging to the A.D.O. and ADOP plan.
  4. Athletes who have participated in the University World Championships and/or the Summer or Winter Universiades University Games during this year or the previous year.
  5. To have obtained a classification among the first three place in the Spanish University Championships (CEU), the European University Championships (EUC) or in the World University Championships (WUC), in the edition in the academic year immediately prior to the current one.
  6. Catalan High-Level Athletes on the current year's lists, which the Presidency of the Catalan Sports Council approves every six months and which are published in the DOGC.
  7. High-performing athletes who meet the requirements of Article 2.3 (d) (e) (f) and (g) of Royal Decree 971/2007 of July 13on high-level and high-performing athletes.
  8. Able to accredit your membership of sports clubs that participate in the maximum, or immediately previous, sports category in Spain.
  9. Students coming from a foreign university as part of a mobility programme or agreement must accredit this status by providing their sports curriculum (personal sports brands achieved, handicap, position in European or world ranking, etc.).

If you are part of this programme, you will be entitled to:

  • Obtain recognition of the hours dedicated to training, pre-match preparation or competitions, certified by the Sports Service, for the purpose of accrediting optional credits as part of your degree studies (up to a maximum of 6 ECTS credits as part of your degree).
  • To have help from an academic tutor to facilitate a good balance between your academic and sports activities. 
  • To be exempt from the obligation of personally attending educational activities that coincide with the travel that you must undertake away from your usual residence to participate in official sports competitions with your club, pre-match preparation with your team or competitions in which you participate on behalf of UIC Barcelona.
  • To be able to change the initially assigned group or teaching shift, in order to allow your attendance at training sessions to the maximum extent possible.
  • To obtain a change in the date initially scheduled for the performance of academic evaluation activities due to travel away from your usual residence to participate in official sports competitions with your club, pre-match preparation with your team or in competitions in which you participate on behalf of UIC Barcelona.

You will also need to meet some commitments such as:

  1. Attending the meetings established by your tutor.
  2. Participating in the Sports Service talks and conferences 
  3. Communicating to the Sports Service any development sand results of your sports and competition calendar with your club or team.
  4. Ensuring your behaviour in is line with the Code of Sports Ethics, in terms of relations with organisers, referees and other athletes involved in the competitions or activities in which you participate.
  5. Compliance with the rules set out in the internal regulations of the competitions in which you participate while representing UIC Barcelona.
  6. Representing the University in the Catalan/Spanish or European Universities Championships, corresponding to the sport discipline for which you have been considered a high level or high performance athlete. 

Please fill in this application form and submit it to the Sports Service in person or via email along with the documentation requested within the time limits stipulated in order to qualify for the programme.