Four UIC Barcelona researchers, among the top 5,000 Spanish scientists according to the CSIC ranking

This was demonstrated in the first ranking published by the Spanish National Council of Scientific Research (CSIC), where the 5,000 Spanish and foreign research scientist who do research in Spanish organisations, ranked according to their profile indicators in Google Scholar database

UIC Barcelona has four researchers from the university in the top ranking of Spanish and foreign researchers in Spain according to Google Scholar, developed by the Cybermetrics Lab of the Spanish National Council of Scientific Research CSIC. 

Dr Carmen Muñoz-Almagro, professor of the Department of Medicine and Microbiologist; Dr Rosalía Rodríguez, Director of the Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences and member of the Neurolipids Research Group; Dr Mayka Sánchez, researcher in the UIC Barcelona Basic Sciences Department and head of the Iron Metabolism Research Group; and Dr Marta Mas, dean of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences and head of the Quality & Innovation for Service Excellence Research Group.

The main research area of the first three scientists is the field of health and specifically biomedicine, an emerging field with an excellent projection whose socioeconomic impact has grown exponentially in recent years thanks to the development of new technologies, genetics and personalised medicine. This is evidenced by the great research and knowledge transfer activity being carried out at the Sant Cugat Campus of UIC Barcelona.

The main objective of the ranking produced and published by the CSIC is to increase the visibility of the scientists and their work, committing to transparency and to make known the contribution of researchers in our country using the personal data from their public profiles on the Google Scholar platform.

This first edition of the ranking included 5,000 of the most outstanding researchers, ordered first according to the highest h index and second by number of citations. These are the data of the UIC Barcelona researchers included on the list, with their ranking position, h-index* and citations:

Carmen Muñoz-Almagro: position 1,053; h-index 37; 5,166 citations
Rosalía Rodríguez Rodríguez: position 2,767; h-index 26; 2,151 citations
Marta Mas Machuca: position 4,617; h-index 22; 2,279 citations
Mayka Sánchez Fernández: position 4,659; h-index 21; 2,040 citations

*The h-index measures both productivity and impact of citations in scientific publications, i.e. it measures both quality (number of citations) and quantity (number of articles). A scientist or researcher has an h-index if he has published h papers with at least h citations each one.

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