Director Of The School

Dra. Núria Casals Farré
Dra. Núria Casals Farré
Professor at the Department of Basic Sciences
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

The Faculty Manager

Dra. Marta Gámiz
Dra. Marta Gámiz
Doctor of Law.

Administrative Secretaries

The Secretary of the School is made up of administrative staff from the doctoral school, who are responsible for providing the technical and administrative support necessary to ensure the Doctoral Programmes are run correctly.

Their functions include management tasks related to candidate admissions applications, student enrolment, student support, processing and storing files, managing the different Doctoral Academic Committees, managing Doctoral Activities Documents and Research Plans, and managing and processing thesis submissions and organising the reading and defence of doctoral theses.

Judit Farré
Responsible for managing procedures for students in the Doctoral Programmes for Architecture, Economics and Law, and for Communications, Humanities and Education.
Sonia Soriano
Responsible for managing procedures for students in the Doctoral Programme for Health.

Doctoral School Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the university body that governs UIC Barcelona Doctoral School.

It is made up of:

  • The Vice-rector for Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer, who acts as president.
  • The director of the doctoral school
  • The Doctoral Programme coordinators
  • The presidents of the Doctoral Academic Committees
  • The Faculty Manager

The Steering Committee may also include a representative from any of the organisms or institutions with whom a collaboration agreement has been signed.

The Steering Committee is in charge of establishing, organising and updating the general procedures in place for running the different Doctoral Programmes, passing improvements suggested by the Doctoral School Quality Committee, and ensuring the research policies and strategies implemented by the university are followed up on, keeping in mind the sociocultural context, trends and the importance of knowledge transfer.

Doctoral Academic Committee (CAD)

Academic Doctoral Committee (CAD) are responsible for defining, updating, quality checks and coordination for Doctoral Programmes, as well as follow-up on research and training progress for every one of the doctoral students on the programme.

The general objective of each CAD is to ensure the quality of doctoral theses and the education of all doctoral students.

More specifically, the CAD for each Doctoral Programme is responsible for:

  • Selecting and admitting doctoral students, appointing directors and tutors, and approving Research Plans.
  • Carrying out an annual follow-up on the educational activities of doctoral students, ensuring that they acquire the specific and cross-cutting skills suited to their profile.
  • Ensuring that Research Plans are followed as scheduled and that doctoral students and thesis supervisors comply with their responsibilities.
  • Approving research trips abroad, managing extensions to study programmes, drop-outs, changes in director, and so on.
  • Authorising the doctoral thesis defence and appointing members of the examining board.