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Work placements in schools are a fundamental element and the basic cornerstone of initial teacher training. This training allows you to come into contact with different institutions, which adds to your personal and professional knowledge.

They are part of the compulsory Work Placement module during the Bachelor's Degree in Pre-Primary and Primary Education, representing close to 20% of initial teacher training.  

The placements are organised into work-study periods (in second and third year) and intensive periods (fourth year) and are awarded 44 credits that are divided into three separate subjects:  School Work Placements I, School Work Placements II, and School Work Placements III. 

The purpose of this is to provide training and to allow students to understand and interpret the relationship between working in a school and the theory they learn in classrooms at university.  This not only involves applying academic knowledge, but also reflecting and putting theory into practice in order to promote personal and professional development. This development is demonstrated through the achievement of the following objectives: 

  1. The creation of professionalising competences in order to improve teaching practice in the classroom. 
  2. Promoting critical reflection on the meaning and depth of teaching. 


Work placement committee