The characteristics and dynamics of the schools in which students begin their professional socialisation will have a big impact on the future teacher’s attitudes and methods. Schools must therefore have the right characteristics in terms of objectives and academic processes so that a close connection can be established between the institutions, schools and fields where these placements take place.  

Work placements during the Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Primary or Primary Education in state and accredited semi-private schools are undertaken as part of a cooperation agreement between the Department of Education in the Catalan Government and the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. The bilateral agreements the university holds with private schools offer sought-after work placements for the English and Service-Learning specialisations. 

Assignation of students to schools can vary depending on the type of intervention model chosen.  

Selection and assignation process

Schools are suggested by the Work Placement Committee in the Faculty of Education based on a list of schools accredited by the Department of Education that have places reserved for UIC Barcelona students.  

If there is a clash a school will be assigned based on the following criteria: 

  1. Average mark on your academic record
  2. Number of credits you have passed