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In the Faculty of Education Sciences at UIC Barcelona we have a double responsibility because we educate future educators. For that reason we make an effort to prepare the best professionals to ensure that teaching can be a positive driving force behind change.

Working as a teacher deserves recognition, and this is something we strive to promote. We enhance the profession's status from inside the classroom; ensuring students receive a sound methodological, pedagogical and humane education.

We have created a curriculum that is capable of incorporating various areas of knowledge and a teaching body that forms a bridge between the university world and the professional world. We have a team of doctors, researchers and active professionals who offer you personalised, good quality classes. At the Faculty of Education you can study:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in Pre-School Education
  2. A Bachelor's degree in Primary Education
  3. A Double Bachelor's degree in Pre-Primary or Primary Education
  4. A Double Bachelor's degree in Primary Education, Humanities and Cultural Studies
  5. Billingual Bachelor's degree in Pre-Primary + Primary Education
  6. Double Degree in Primary Education + Psychology
  7. Double Degree in Pre-Primary Education + Psychology

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