Equality Unit

Objectives and responsibilities

The Equality Unit at UIC Barcelona aims to guarantee the best working conditions for all employees and students that form part of the institution. Additionally, true to its ideology, the university firmly maintains its proposal in favour of equal opportunities and the principle of non-discrimination.

The Equality Unit is responsible for negotiating the Equality Plan alongside the Works Council; advising the Department of People Management on its implementation; gathering data on the evolution of mediation and professional development measures between men and women, and providing support for employee consultations and initiatives.

Equality Unit committee

  • Dr Consuelo León, head of the Unit and director of the Observatory on Family Policies at the Institute of Advanced Family Studies
  • Dr Esther Jiménez, vice rector of the University Community and dean of the Faculty of Education Sciences.
  • Narcís Aguiló, UIC Barcelona Ombudsperson
  • Anna Oliveras, director of the Department of People Management at UIC Barcelona.

Relevant projects and documents

Among the projects led by the Equality Unit, the most notable are the assessment of the Equality plan, drawn up in 2009, and the launch of the new plan drawn up this year in 2020. The Unit has also created a Prevention, Assessment and Intervention Protocol to deal with harassment cases, as well as organising activities and publications within the framework of the agreement that Catalan universities have signed with the Spanish government as part of the State Pact against Gender-based Violence (PEVG).