AIDIR Ciutat Vella

The Nursing Care Teaching and Research Unit (AIDIR) was created by the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in partnership with Fundación La Esperanza, Fundación Roure, Obra Social “la Caixa” and other associations in the Ciutat Vella district. 

It is focused on health education activities for people at risk of social exclusion with unfavourable health conditions and their relatives, and it is open to the whole community. The students offer their knowledge and skills to the people/families (community) and this allows for learning in a reciprocal environment.

Unit launched in September 2016.

Specific objectives of the Unit

  1. To help improve the social reintegration of the most disadvantaged people/families at risk of social exclusion by creating active learning opportunities in terms of physical-emotional health, cohabitation and work health.


Donar un servei a la comunitat en condicions desfavorables de salut, basat en l’educació per a la salut, amb l’objectiu de potenciar l’autonomia i l’autocura de la població, familiars i persones al districte de Ciutat Vella. 


The Unit seeks to foster a sense of social commitment among nursing students and train them in the new roles of nurses in teaching and research by developing new projects that generate knowledge.


People and family as the centre of the healthcare system. Nursing professionals as the centre of our mission. Nurses as care leaders.

About us


  • Dr Cristina Monforte, director of Nursing, UIC Barcelona


  • Head of research:
    • Dr Albert Gallart, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
  • Head of teaching:
    • Dr. Pilar Fuster, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
  • Head of management:
    • María Vera, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Unit tutor and nurse

  • Lorena Moya

Intended for

  • Children and adolescents
  • Women, pregnancy and infant care
  • Adults and elderly people
  • Social sphere: reintegration into civic life and the workplace
  • People at risk of social exclusion

What we do

  • Attend to educational needs in healthy lifestyle habits and emotional health during infancy and adolescence.
  • Attend to maternal and infant health centred on the physical and emotional recovery of the mother and caring for the nursing infant.
  • Attend to adults and elderly people (physical, mental and emotional health) giving them the tools to manage chronic diseases and healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Attend to the social reintegration of the community in the civic life and workplace to ensure good physical and emotional health.
  • Attend to the nursing students regarding healthcare education and research skills in their leadership and research capacity in the areas of health promotion and population self-care.

Our work method

  • Nursing interview and assessment: need detection.
  • Work plan: the main activities are led by Nursing students from UIC Barcelona.
  • Assessment of the process and results.