Over the course of the academic year, we at the Institute for Multilingualism invite you to take part in a series of cultural activities aimed at, on the one hand, promoting interaction between local and international students and, on the other, raising the profile of the linguistic and cultural aspects of multilingualism, in general, and Catalan language and culture, in particular. These activities include:

  • September: European Day of Languages (26 September). To celebrate this occasion, we propose a series of recreational activities to see how multilingual you are.
  • October: International Castanyada. An activity aimed at introducing international students to the traditional chestnut festival.
  • December: International Christmas Party. A multilingual event in which we ask you to share your Christmas traditions with the university community. Rules for the Multilingual Christmas Carol Contest 2023
  • March: World Poetry Day (21 March). Come celebrate and help us disseminate poetry at the University. Rules for the World Poetry Day Competition 2022
  • April: St George's Day (23 April). Come enjoy a literary aperitif and get involved in the activities organised to celebrate this festival of books and Catalan language and culture. Rules for the Sant Jordi 2023 crossword puzzle
  • Tandem-Café and conversation groups. Throughout the year we organise language exchange sessions that will help you improve your speaking skills.

To find out the exact dates of these activities, please check out the Institute's agenda.

Language integration

Language exchanges