GRAM (Research Group on Multilingual Acquisition: 2021 SGR 00625)


The GRAM Research Group at the Institute for Multilingualism investigates the development of multilingualism through naturalistic, immersion and formal language acquisition.

More specifically, the group carries out applied linguistics research on:

  • The effects of Integrated Content and Language in Higher Education (ICLHE), Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and EFL on linguistic gains (English as a Foreign Language) on all educational levels.
  • Social interaction and its affordances for teaching, learning and teacher development in ICLHE / CLIL / EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) contexts.
  • The acquisition and maintenance of Catalan, Spanish, foreign and heritage languages in school-age children and adults in the context of Catalonia.

Helena Roquet, PhD

Mandy Deal, PhD

Esteve Valls, PhD

Natalia Evnitskaya, PhD

Angélica Carlet, PhD

Júlia Barón, PhD

Janine Knight, PhD

Noelia Navarro, PhD

Adriana Soto Corominas, PhD

Ángela Donate, PhD

Marta Segura

Yagmur Elif Met

Monica Clua