The Department of Applied Linguistics organises a series of activities throughout the academic year aimed at promoting integration between local and exchange students. We also aim to highlight Catalan language and culture at the university. These activities include:

  • Welcome session for international exchange students: This session is organised by International Relations, and the Department of Applied Linguistics presents the Catalan and Spanish courses on offer. We also encourage non-Catalan speakers to take part in language exchanges.
  • International Castanyada: We celebrate this Catalan autumn festival by highlighting ancient traditions of local culture. It is also a good opportunity for us to promote language exchanges between students. 
  • Language coffee date: We organise an informal coffee date to get to know students who have signed up to our language exchange programme. We encourage them to create language pairs based on their interests, and answer any questions they might have.
  • World Poetry Day (21 March) and Sant Jordi (23 April): To celebrate these days the Department of Applied Linguistics organises exhibitions, poetry recitals and competitions. Our main aim is to highlight Catalan language and culture and make them accessible to the entire university community
  • European Day of Languages (26 September): Using an entertaining competition or activity, we encourage the university community to broaden their experience by learning and mastering other languages.