Revision of Catalan and other languages.

At the Institute for Multilingualism, we offer grants for the revision of research texts in Catalan and third languages (English, German, French or Italian). These grants are intended for full-time or exclusive teaching or research staff members.

With regards to third languages, the revision process will be handled directly by the authors, and the Institute will offer one grant per article or publication. There will be two calls for grants each year, in which full-time or exclusive teaching or research staff members may submit articles, books or research projects. These grants are subject to a limit of €400 per document.

In the case of Catalan, on the other hand, the publications will be revised directly by members of the Catalan Office. Requests will be handled in the order in which they are received, until the available budget has been used up.

This year, not only will we revise articles that have already been accepted for publication, as we have done in the past, but also articles sent back for major or minor revision, as one of our priorities is to help early-career doctors.

To apply for a grant, applicants must fill out these forms and send them, along with all supporting documents, to (revision of Catalan) or (revision of third languages).

Revision of research texts in Catalan