Dr Júlia Barón is a member of the Institute for Multilingualism at UIC Barcelona, where she currently teaches English for Specific Purposes on the Sant Cugat Healthcare Campus. Dr Barón holds a Bachelor's Degree in English Studies (2004) and a PhD in Applied Linguistics (2009). She received a research grant in 2005 to develop her PhD studies as part of the GRAL Research Group (Language Acquisition Research Group). Dr Barón has been teaching in a university context and has been a full member of the GRAL team since 2009. She has been involved in different national research projects and is also a coordinator of the teaching innovation group GIDAdEnA (UB). Dr Barón has also participated in the organisation of international seminars and conferences on Multimodal Input (2016) and Task-Based Language Teaching (2017). Her main research interests lie within the acquisition of English as a Foreign Language, more specifically in the acquisition of target language pragmatics, as well as how different teaching methodologies affect the instruction of English as a foreign language. She is currently carrying out research on the effects of subtitled audiovisual material on the acquisition of pragmatics, and on the effects of Task-Based Language Teaching on the acquisition of pragmatics and communicative strategies.


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