About the Spring Research Conference

Since the 2014-2015 academic year, the Institute for Multilingualism has hosted the Spring Research Conference (SRC), an annual on-site research event held at UIC Barcelona. What initially started as a modest seminar has since evolved into an international gathering of scholars and experts growing in both quality and size with each passing year.

The SRC aims to provide academics with a platform for the exchange of innovative research in the realms of language teaching, acquisition and multilingualism. Our objective is to create a forum where researchers from various disciplines including linguistics, applied linguistics, cognitive science and psycholinguistics can gather and share their latest research and discuss developments in their respective fields of expertise. We seek to provide SRC attendees with an enriching experience fuelled by plenary speakers that never fail to amaze and the unique insights that only interdisciplinary discussions can provide.

The main lines of research conducted by the Institute for Multilingualism and the GRAM Research Group revolve around the analysis of different foreign language learning contexts and the influence of individual differences in the acquisition of second languages. Our research strives to further our understanding of the progression of multilingualism through naturalistic, immersion, and formal language acquisition approaches.

You can see the programmes from past editions of the SRC below.