For the past three years, the Faculty of Communication Science at UIC Barcelona has been organising the Television Fiction Symposium which is aimed at everyone who is passionate about TV series. This symposium focuses on TV series and aims to bring together well-known professionals from the sector such as academics, script-writers and TV reviewers, amongst others, who hold debates on the past, present and future of this genre.

5th TV Fiction Symposium

Identity in TV series

Date: 05/04/2017

Hour: from 9.45 am to 6.00 pm

Location: Saló de Graus (UIC Barcelona c/ Immaculada 22)

The topic of this fifth edition of the Television Fiction Symposium is identity, one of the central themes in television fiction over the last decade. That is why we believe that a lot of TV series have decided to explore large questions such as who am I? Why am I like this? And perhaps some questions that are even braver related to accepting others and free will. Many series have dealt with these issues. From the most classic ones such as Lost, where the protagonists have to redeem their past acts to build a new self within the group; or The Sopranos, where Tony constantly asks himself who he is and why he is not happy; to other more recent series where identity is questioned in a much more graphic way such as Orphan Black and others that look at the extent to which we are defined by the decisions we make such as The 100. It is a timeless theme that is clearly more popular than ever at the moment.  


9.45 a.m. A welcome from Dr Alfonso Méndiz, Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences at UIC Barcelona and an introduction from Dr Raquel Crisóstomo, the coordinator of the Symposium.

10 a.m. Opening talk from Dr Charo Lacalle, Full Professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona: “Sceptical or feminist?” Maternity, family and work among the female characters in Eyewitness”.

10 a.m. Talk from Dr Raquel Crisóstomo from the Pompeu Fabra University: “The fight for/against identity in Penny Dreadful”.

11.30 a.m. Coffee break

12 p.m. Talk from Dr Aarón Rodríguez Serrano from Universitat Jaume I.

12.45 Plenary talk from Dr Iván Bort from the Alberta Giménez Centre for Tertiary Education in Palma de Mallorca. “Series are an opening: the narrative construct of identity through openings”.

1.30 p.m. Lunch break

3.30 p.m. Talk from Dr Glòria Salvadó from Pompeu Fabra University.

4.15 p.m. Talk from Josep Gatell and Teresa de Rosendo, authors of a book entitled Objetivo Writers’ Room.

5 p.m. Round table

• Betu Martínez and Víctor Sala, creators of Serielizados.

• Alberto Rey, a TV critic for El Mundo and a participant in the Movistar + Likes programme.

• Óscar González (UOC), a regular contributor to the weekly section on the Nits de ràdio series (Onda cero).

• Lorenzo Mejino, a participant in ‘Serielizados’ Moderated by: Dr Laura Pousa, scriptwriter and head of studies for the Bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication.

6 p.m. Closing talk from Dr Laura Pousa, scriptwriter and head of studies for the Bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication.

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