The Faculty has a department that is dedicated to research in the field of journalism, audiovisual communication, advertising and public relations. The Department of Communication Sciences places special emphasis on the analysis of the changes that are the result of new technologies, and studies the existing interaction between society and communication in order to understand the current situation in the sector and set out the future prospectives of the profession.

Team members

  • Dr. Alfonso Méndiz Noguero: New Forms of Advertising / Advertising and Values / Advertising and childhood / The influence of audiovisual media on our values and lifestyles.
  • Dr Iván Lacasa Mas: Media Management and Engagement / Impact of Technology on Journalism, Politics and Culture / Media Evolution and Audiences
  • Dr Isabel Villanueva Benito: Music / New Technologies / Audiovisual Communication /Advertising and Audiences
  • Dr Rebeca Pardo: Visual narratives on illness, death and mourning / Health communication and photojournalism / Visual representations and stigma / Self-referential photojournalism / Autobiographical documentaries / Family albums, domestic cinema and new representations of intimacy both online and offline / (Audio)visual autobiographies / Autofiction
  • Dr Pilar Buil Gazol: Institutional Communication
  • Dr Eduardo Marti Fraga: History of Political and Economic Institutions / Social History
  • Dr María Victoria Mas: News Companies / Management of Journalism Brands and News Projects
  • Dr Carolina Serra Folch: History of Advertising
  • Dr Santiago Justel: Digital Journalism / Journalism, Audiences and Public Interest
  • Dr Cristina Martorell Castellano: Brand Communities / Social Networks / Branded Content and Advergaming
  • Dr Isadora García: TV Narrative / Adaptation of TV Formats / TV Series Remakes / New Types of Audiovisual Storytelling
  • Dr Elisa Regadera: Institutional Communication / Fashion Brand Communication and Management
  • Dr Zahaira González: Corporate Culture and Organisational Communication / Undertaking Studies and Analysing Social and Environmental Responsibility Practices / New Trends in Communication, Digital Communication and Social Media / The Luxury Fashion Sector
  • Dr Marta Narberhaus: Media literacy / Ethics in journalism / Information quality in audiovisual media
  • Dr Montse Vidal: Audio branding / Sound transmedia narrative / Sound identity / Audiovisual communication and Advertising / Radio

All the members are professionals who combine their teaching duties with research. This allows them to offer the abilities and knowledge that students require in order for them to deal with the current news context and carry out communication projects that are adapted to the characteristics of this new scenario.