The Faculty’s Department of Communications is dedicated to research in journalism, audiovisual communication and advertising, and public relations. It places special emphasis on analysing the changes introduced by new technologies and studies the existing interactions between society and communication with the aim of understanding the current situation of the sector and setting future lines of the profession.

The team is composed of:

  • Dr Pilar Buil Gazol: Institutional communication / Contact person for DirCom and Communication Management for Sustainable Development
  • Pere Buhigas Cardó: Treatment of Information in Television Media / Artificial Intelligence Applied to Communication / Content Verification / Transmedia Communication / Scientific Journalism / Mobile Journalism
  • Dr Ana Aitana Fernández Moreno: Comparative cinema: Cinema, Photography, Literature / Documentary Creation: Autobiographical Essay / Personal History and Photographic Archives / Visual Motifs in Cinema / New Hollywood and Neo-Noir
  • Dr Isadora García Avis: Narrative and Audiovisual Script / Transcultural Adaptations / Fiction Series Remakes / Television Formats / Transmedia Narratives and New Forms of Audiovisual Storytelling / Representation of STEAM Female Characters in Television Fiction Series
  • Dr Zahaira González Romo: Corporate Culture and Organisational Communication / Development of studies and analysis on Social and Environmental Responsibility Practices / New Trends in Communication, Digital Communication and Social Media / The Luxury Fashion Sector
  • Dr Carla Gràcia Mercadé: Creative Writing / Creative Process / Transnational Creative Writing / Biofiction / Historical Fiction / Relationship between Reality and Fiction / Storytelling
  • Dr Joan Hernández Serret: Communication Sociology / Language and Society / Computerisation and Social Sciences / Diversity Management in Open Societies / Globalisation, Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue
  • Dr Santiago Justel Vázquez: Digital Journalism, Web Analytics and Informative Agenda
  • Dr Iván Lacasa Mas: Media Management and Engagement / Impact of Technology on Journalism, Politics and Media Culture / Media Evolution and Audiences
  • Dr Alfonso Méndiz Noguero: New Forms of Advertising / Advertising and Values / Advertising and Childhood / Influence of Audiovisual Media on Values and Lifestyles
  • Dr Marta Narberhaus Martínez: Media Education / Ethics of journalism and Communication / Information Quality in Audiovisual Media / Representation of STEAM Female Characters in the Media
  • Dr Núria Roca Trench: Comparative Political Communication: Citizen participation in electoral campaigns and elections (traditional and digital) as applied to the adult voter and young public; public opinion; information and democratic quality.
  • Dr Olga Roger-Loppacher: Sustainability and Environmental Communication / Environmental Communication / Communication and Non-Formal Education Management for a more Sustainable Society
  • Dr Peter Sigaud-Stellos: Motivation of media professionals / Media Psychology (emotions) / Digital Leisure / Leadership, Media and Industries
  • Dr Isabel Villanueva Benito: Music / New Technologies / Audiovisual Communication / Advertising and Audiences
  • Dr Montserrat Vidal-Mestre: Audio Branding / Transmedia Storytelling Sound / Identity of Sound / Audiovisual Communication and Advertising / Radio

They are all professionals who combine teaching with research, allowing them to offer students the skills and knowledge needed to face the new information context and develop communication projects adapted to the characteristics of this new scenario.