14th edition of the IMMA Communication Awards

The IMMA Awards for Communication is the grand annual event for the UIC Barcelona Faculty of Communication Sciences, where Universitat Internacional de Catalunya students can present their most innovative and creative projects to a professional jury. 

Categories and prizes:

Standard categories:

  1. Photography and Graphic Arts: €500 Amazon voucher
  2. Sounds and Music: €500 Amazon voucher
  3. Fiction: €500 Amazon voucher
  4. Non-Fiction: €500 Amazon voucher
  5. Advertising Campaign: €500 Amazon voucher

Methos Media extraordinary category:

  • Methos Media First Prize: €2,500
  • Contraste Second Prize: €1,000
  • Methos Media Third Prize: €500

One entry will be chosen from all the entries submitted to receive the UIC Barcelona Values Extraordinary Mention. 

How to submit an entry:

Consult the terms and conditions of participation:

History of the IMMA Awards

The IMMA Awards were launched in 2009 to highlight the talent shown by final-year (fourth year) students on the Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication in their Final Degree Projects (TFG). In its eighth year (2017), the Awards incorporated new categories, thus allowing students from the Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and the Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and Public Relations to participate. The Awards are now a grand event during the academic year where all students can present their best projects from the current year to a professional jury.

Throughout the past events, the IMMA Awards have enjoyed the presence of several professionals and sponsors from the communication sector such as Juan Antonio Bayona, film director; Laia Corbella, director of VÍA Emprendida; Borja Cobeaga and Diego San José, screenwriters of Ocho apellidos vascos; Arturo Méndiz, producer of Cuerdas and Timecode; Edmon Roch, CEO of Ikiru Films, producer of El Niño and Atrapa la bandera; Víctor Curto, vice-dean of Advertising at the Colegio de Publicitarios y Relaciones Públicas; Alberto García, editor at Informativos Tele 5; Àlex Gutiérrez, journalist at the newspaper Ahora; María Martín Aguado, partner at Onza Comunicación, and Gemma Cuervas, editor and media content manager for SEAT, or Miguel Ferrández Barturen, general manager of Methos Media.

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