Transmedia Lab

The Faculty of Communication Sciences has two transmedia studios (107 m2) and a digital newsroom (138 m2) recently built and equipped in September 2022. 

These new audiovisual and multimedia creation facilities of the Faculty are called Transmedia Lab and are an innovation laboratory where students can prepare their audiovisual projects with the latest technology.

The multifunctional spaces provide a place where our students can experiment with formats such as sound, radio and podcasts, music recording, voice over, dubbing, as well as image, in which work in a professional way all the new hybrid formats such as the videocast or videocast.

The facilities have:

  • AEQ digital mixing console for six presenters and a film dubbing workstation that also offers music recording possibilities.
  • Professional software such as Dalet Galaxy and Adobe.
  • Multiple plasma screens (up to 85 inches each).
    • Screens located in front of the presenters allow them to follow current news or view the video content needed for example, for dubbing.
    • Screens located on the walls behind the presenters allow other audiovisual content to be projected in parallel to expand visual possibilities in formats that have images.
  • PTZ robotic camera allow formats such as videocasts or to even create news broadcasts and television programmes. 
  • High-grade soundproofing allows live acoustic music recordings.
  • Seating rows located at the back, in the technical space of the studios, allow more than the usual number of students to attend and to invite the public during the recordings or live broadcasts.

Digital Newsroom

Both image and sound from the studios can be monitored and viewed from the large digital newsroom, equipped with a system that can split image and sound and used as needed. The racks in this room have a video and audio matrix switch that allows the signals to be assigned to any of the four projectors and/or speakers distributed in this multifunctional space.

The newsroom has ten large round tables for work teams of up to six members with thirty laptops. These computers are equipped to work with professional software such as Adobe and Dalet Galaxy over a wireless network and in real time with both sound studios. The tables in this room are equipped with an electrical, USB and USB-C outlet in the centre for charging any work device.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 
9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.


To reserve the space, contact:

Javier Sáez
93 254 18 00