Més Periodisme

Més Periodisme. Communicating Europe: The challenge of informing and mobilising citizens ahead of the European elections

On 26 May, all citizens of the European Union entitled to vote will be summoned to the poles to choose the political representatives who will guide and set the economic and social policies for member states. Within this context, all eyes will be on Brexit and the future relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom.

A scenario that requires highly specific media coverage that provides information to disenfranchised citizens. A challenge we will analyse on 30 April as part of the conference “Més Periodisme”. This year, the event will explore ways of communicating Europe, as well as the challenge of informing and mobilising citizens ahead of the European elections.


9.30 a.m. Event introduction

9.40 a.m. Opening conference: “Communicating Europe”, by Carme Colomina, researcher at the CIDOB and former correspondent in Brussels

10.30 a.m. Round table: “From Brexit to the elections on 26 May: Media coverage of European affairs”. Participants:

  • Lluís Uría, assistant editor of La Vanguardia
  • Eliseo Oliveras, European affairs analyst for El Periódico
  • Sergi Barrera, head of the Office of the European Parliament in Barcelona

Moderated by: Ana Isabel Rodríguez, expert in European studies and international relations

11.45 a.m. End of event and refreshments

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