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The Statistical Consultancy Service (SAE) at UIC Barcelona was created with the main aim of providing specialised statistical and methodological support from any field of research.

The team of professionals at the SAE is made up of lecturers from the field of Biostatistics with extensive experience in research methodology. The team’s scientific production includes over 80 articles published in indexed journals.


Statistical Consultancy Service

Fees for external services by type 

  • Finalist advisory service (“SAF”): guidance provided from the initial proposal to writing up a paper.
  • Occasional advisory service (“SAP”): occasional consultations which allow specific questions about an aspect of a project’s statistical analysis to be answered. 
  • Advisory service for centres and institutions (“SAC”): a flat rate to provide support to the centre involving statistical guidance for up to four projects a year, with help from a statistician, who will be able to answer questions in person.  


Price per hour
Rate without VAT

Minimum requisites



40 hour packs:  € 2.400 per pack.



Minimum of 5 hours:  €400



200 hour pack:  €10.000*

The “SAC" service offers the centre the right to receive guidance for up to 4 or 5 projects and 10 hours per month in person with the statistician on the centre’s premises.  To take full advantage of your hours, a calendar containing a planned list of questions for them to answer and resolve will be sent out in advance.  

Payment methods: 

  • 50% upon signature of the approved budget
  • 25% halfway through the service
  • 25% at the end of the service 

UIC Barcelona staff rates for these services

The rate for full-time PDI staff who exclusively work for UIC Barcelona is indicated below.  The minimum is 10 hours. 


Price per hour
Rate without VAT

Minimum requisites



Support must be provided through external funding from competitive projects or businesses the researcher works with.