Departament de Ciències Bàsiques



Perfil del professor

Ciències Bàsiques, DEPARTAMENT DE CIÈNCIES BÀSIQUES. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Formació acadèmica

Doctor Programa de Matematiques UNIVERSITAT DE BARCELONA
Màster Universitari Intel.ligència Artificial UNIVERSITAT POLITECNICA DE CATALUNYA, UPC
Llicenciat Enginyer en Informàtica Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB)

Experiència professional

After a year dabbling in the entrepreneurship world as the co-founder of Babelboo, an online platform for language learning that aims to change the way people learn new languages, Toni takes a position at Intelligent Pharma, a company specialised in in silico research.
There, he applies his background on artificial intelligence to develop new tools to broaden the range of services the company offers. In 2009 he obtains his degree in Computer Science by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. During his university years
he keeps a job as software developer at Festina. After finishing his university studies, he accepts the position of IT Manager for the Asian branch of Festina with central offices in Hong Kong.
After an enriching experience in Asia, in 2011, he goes back to Spain tot start his scientific career at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA) of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research. In 2015 he obtains a PhD in Artificial Intelligence by the University of Barcelona. In his thesis, he studies decentralized supply chain formation. His work has been published in the main conferences of artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems.